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Renegade Sprint Series 9/27 at PPMS, Wilson wins a thriller!
Results Submitted by Miley Motor Sports on 10/01/2014 at 9:56 PM Send To Friend | Report Results
The Renegade 410 Sprints Series made its inaugural appearance at Pittsburgh's Pennsylvania Motor Speedway on Saturday night, and the 31 drivers certainly didn't disappoint, with several of them breaking the track record during qualifying. The feature event had 24 cars starting as the green flag waved, and at the end of 25 incredibly fast laps, Greg Wilson from Benton Ridge, OH took the checkered flag and the $5,000 top prize. Also in action last night were the Precise Racing Products Rush Late Models, and Daryl Charlier, who led all 20 laps, claimed the victory in that division. The Renegade 410 Sprints started off the action for the night by holding 2-lap qualifying. The Apollo Rocket, Ed Lynch, was the first driver to break the track record, clocking a time of 15.317 or 146.896 mph. However, that record was short lived as Danny Holtgraver completed his qualifying lap with a time of 15.214 or 147.89 mph. In the end, though, it was Randy Hannagan who had the fastest time and was declared the new track record holder with a time of 15.182 or 148.202 mph. Fan favorite driver Tim Shaffer, who experienced some engine trouble which caused him to miss his line up spot for qualifying, was penalized and given only one lap to qualify and ended up posting a time of 15.183 or 148.192. However, series rules stated that he could start no better than 25th in the feature event for missing the qualifying line up. Four heat races were up next, with Travis Philo, Dean Jacobs, Ralph Spithaler, Caleb Helms each taking the top spot in their heat. A six lap dash was held after that, with the finish determining the top 6 spots in the main event. Danny Holtgraver took top honors and earned the pole position for the feature. Randy Hannagan, Sheldon Haudenschild, Rod George, Mitch Harble, and Ed Lynch, Jr. would follow in the next 5 spots in the line-up. Brandon Matus won the B-Main. An impressive 6-wide parade lap showcased the 24 cars that were starting the feature event. As the green flag waved, Randy Hannagan rocketed to the top spot and was closely followed by Danny Holtgraver. However, it was 7th place starting Greg Wilson, who worked his way through the field taking over the top spot on lap 17, claiming the win the inaugural Sprint Monster Renegade event. Holtgraver, Hannagan, Chad Kemenah and Sheldon Haudenschild rounded out the top five. The Precise Racing Products Rush Late Models held time trial qualifying, and Daryl Charlier posted the best time in the division, 19.585 or 114.894 mph. Tommy Schirnhofer was second best, with a time of 19.742 or 113.970 mph, and Tim Shaffer, pulling double duty for the night, was third best, with a time of 19.844 or 113.384. Josh Holtgraver and Justin Lamb each had a win in the heat races. Holtgraver and Charlier started on the front row, but Charlier was untouchable and led every lap in the Precise Racing Products Rush Late Model feature event. Holtgraver, Lamb, Michael Reft and Scott Gunn followed at the finish. Renegade Sprints: Heat 1 Finish Heat 2 Finish Heat 3 Finish 1 5T Travis Philo 1 9 Dean Jacobs 1 56 Ralph Spithaler 2 63 Cody Swanson 2 27 Chad Kemenah 2 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 3 8 Rod George 3 10H Danny Holtgraver 3 W20 Greg Wilson 4 2 A. J. Flick 4 97 Sheldon Haudenschild 4 08 Dan Kuriger 5 11N Randy Hannagan 5 36D Wayne Dadetto 5 5K Adam Kekich 6 45 Tim Shaffer 6 5 Bob McMillin 6 13 Brandon Matus 7 76 David Jones 7 57X Andrew Palker 7 27m Zach Morrow 8 2S Francis Sesco DNS 8 12K Mike Flynn 8 24 Christopher Pochiro Heat 4 Finish DASH 1 40 Caleb Helms 1 10H Danny Holtgraver 2 15H Mitch Harble 2 11N Randy Hannagan 3 33 Brent Matus 3 97 Sheldon Haudenschild 4 49 Cole Duncan 4 8 Rod George 5 55 Logan Wagner 5 15H Mitch Harble 6 15 Scott Priester 6 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 7 5M Sye Lynch B-Main 1 Finish DID NOT START 1 13 Brandon Matus 1 5M Sye Lynch 2 45 Tim Shaffer 2 76 David Jones 3 57X Andrew Palker 3 5 Bob McMillin 4 15 Scott Priester 4 27m Zach Morrow 5 5M Sye Lynch 5 12K Mike Flynn 6 76 David Jones 6 24 Christopher Pochiro 7 5 Bob McMillin 7 2S Francis Sesco 8 27m Zach Morrow 9 12K Mike Flynn 10 24 Christopher Pochiro 11 2S Francis Sesco DNS Feature Finish 1 W20 Greg Wilson 2 10H Danny Holtgraver 3 11N Randy Hannagan 4 27 Chad Kemenah 5 97 Sheldon Haudenschild 6 13 Brandon Matus 7 55 Logan Wagner 8 2L Ed Lynch Jr. 9 49 Cole Duncan 10 45 Tim Shaffer 11 2 A. J. Flick 12 57X Andrew Palker 13 63 Cody Swanson 14 5K Adam Kekich 15 08 Dan Kuriger 16 8 Rod George 17 15 Scott Priester 18 15H Mitch Harble 19 36D Wayne Dadetto 20 33 Brent Matus 21 56 Ralph Spithaler 22 40 Caleb Helms 23 5T Travis Philo 24 9 Dean Jacobs Precise Racing Products Rush Late Models Heat 1 Finish Heat 2 Finish 1 00h Josh Holtgraver 1 93X Justin Lamb 2 88c Daryl Charlier 2 F1 Nico Dabecco 3 8s Tommy Schirnhofer 3 9R Michael Reft 4 75f Ron Hall 4 14G Scott Gunn 5 45s Tim Shaffer 5 2M Chuck Medved 6 27C Russ Kolesar 6 C4 Chuck Kimble 7 03j Paul Jablonski 8 6J Jacob Recker Feature Finish DID NOT START 1 88c Daryl Charlier 03j Paul Jablonski 2 00h Josh Holtgraver 3 93X Justin Lamb 4 9R Michael Reft 5 14G Scott Gunn 6 75f Ron Hall 7 45s Tim Shaffer 8 2M Chuck Medved 9 8s Tommy Schirnhofer 10 F1 Nico Dabecco 11 6J Jacob Recker 12 27C Russ Kolesar 13 C4 Chuck Kimble Forward this email This email was sent to [email protected] by [email protected] | Update Profile/Email Address | Rapid removal with SafeUnsubscribeâ„¢ | Privacy Policy. 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