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Topic: July 1, 2012 Huset's
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July 02, 2012 at 02:05:59 AM
Joined: 01/03/2005
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July 1, 2012 Huset's

360 Sprints
Heat 1
Mitch Runge took off from pole position to win the first 360 Sprint heat of the evening. Casey Abbas made a brief stab into first place but Runge took it back and checked out as Witherspoon settled into second. Jeremiah Jordahl was on Abbas bumper.
Finish: 1) 28 - Runge(1); 2) 43 - Witherspoon(2); 3) 17v - Abbas(3); 4) 3j - Jordahl(6); 5) 1 - Glaser(4); 6) 12L - Schliemann(8); 7) 13m - J. Martens(7); 8) - 5w Howey III(5).
Heat 2
Johnn Cressman lead Gharst and Droescher, holding the lead until 5 laps to go, when Kaley Gharst, running cars in both classes tonight, made the pass for first low in turn one and checked out. Bickett got past Droescher for third while Robby Wolfgang was moving up from his shotgun starting position to fourth.
Finish: 1) 6 - Gharst(2); 2) 316 - Cressman(1); 3) 17B - Bickett(4); 4) 33 - Wolfgang(7); 5) 2x - Olivier(6); 6) 75 - Barber(5); 7) 24 - Droescher(3).
Heat 3
The red flag flew right after the drop of the green, as some serious wheel banging occured at the starting line, sending the 34 sprinter of Darren Orth, who hauled all the way up from Jacksonville, Florida, hard into the outside wall. Affected by the carnage were Beenken and Lutz, both going pitside. Matt Juhl ran off with the four car scramble.
Finish: 1) 09 - Juhl(1); 2) 12 - Dump(2); 3) 15 - Riedel(5); 4) 23 - Hahn(4); 5) 21 - Beenken(7); 6) 5 - Lutz(6); 7) 34 - Orth(3).
B Feature
Six cars lined up for the 360 B feature, top finishers to tag the A. Two cars pulled in before the green flew, so the race was scrubbed.
A Feature
Mitch Runge showed how much he appreciated his pole position starting spot by taking off with the lead at the green with Gharst, Juhl and Abbas in tow. Eric Lutz, who was able to make repairs to his car after his heat, was on the move up top and putting on a passing show. Tommy Barber stopped on the track to bring out the yellow with 14 to laps to go in the feature.
On the restart, the order was: 28-6-09-17v-17b-43-316-15-23-33-3-5-1-12m-12L-5w-21-13m.
Runge again held on to the lead at the drop of the green, until Gharst passed him for first coming out of turn four with seven laps to go, with Juhl taking second from Runge on the next lap. The red flag came out on lap 16 for Hahn's rollover in two, setting up a green - white - checkered finish. Gharst pulled away for the prize.
Finish: 1) Gharst(2); 2) Juhl(3)l 3) Runge(1); 4) Abbas(7); 5) Bickett(6); 6) Witherspoon(4); 7) Lutz(18)...

410 Sprints
Heat 1
Chuck McGillivray showed he still has plenty of methanol in his tank, leading this heat from pole position, holding off Jeffrey and then Henderson, who moved to second by lap two before engine problems stopped him low in turn one on lap 8. On the restart, McGillivray again held on to the lead until a last lap going for the flag front stretch drag race pass by Terry McCarl.
Finish: 1) 24 - T. McCarl(5); 2) 101 -McGillivray(1); 3) 12 - Jeffrey(3); 4) 6 - Gharst(4); 5) 2 - Dobesh(2); 6) 2d - Ballenger(7); 7) 82 - Henderson(6).
Heat 2
Dylan Peterson controlled this heat from the green. Bakker moved into second with three laps down. Austin McCarl as on the move, too, putting his sprinter in third place on lap six.
Finish: 1) 25 - Dylan Peterson(1); 2) 11x - Bakker(4); 3) 17a - A. McCarl(5); 4) 5 - Glennon(2); 5) 3 - Donovan Peterson(3); 6) 91 - Zomer(6); 7) 17v - Abbas(7).
Heat 3
Ryan Bickett checked out at the green as Rosenboom reeled him in. Dobmeier was on the move, passing Rosenboom for second coming out of turn four with three laps to go. Dobmeier got past Bickett in turn two on the white flag lap for the win. Chad Meyer pulled into the pits with a smoking motor on the parade lap.
Finish: 1) 13 - Dobmeier(6); 2) 14 - Rosenboom(4); 3) 17b - Bickett(1); 4) 97g - Linnell(5); 5) 8 - Casey Mack(3); 6) 4x - Schulz(7); 7) 1w - Meyer(2).
A Feature
Jeffrey hauled off with the point at the green with Rosenboom hot on his tail and cutting under Jeffrey in turn four of lap two, taking the lead and running with it, putting a straightaway lead between them with four laps down. Rosenboom was into lapped traffic on the next lap, when he bumped the berm between one and two, but recovered to hold onto the point. Gharst started reeling Rosenboom in after that, catching up to the top running Rosenboom between turns three and four where contact occured, sending Rosenboom's car hard into the outer wall and rolling. Dobmeier and Linnell had no place to go and were collected by the rolling #14. They both made it to the pits for repairs and tagged the tail on the restart.
With 17 laps to go, the order was: 6-12-11x-17a-24-3-8-101-2-25-91-5-2d-17b-97-13. A scramble to keep up with Gharst ensued, with Terry McCarl passing Austin coming out of turn two on lap 10. Meanwhile, Bakker found his groove and ran down Gharst who was coming upon lapped cars and moved past Jeffrey for second on lap 15. Terry McCarl m got past Jeffrey one lap later to take third coming out of turn four. With five laps left in the race, Austin McCarl returned the favor and took third back from Terry. Bakker was still on Gharst's tail in traffic when he passed Gharst for the lead in turn one with three laps left in the race. Bakker found some open track and was gone to take the checkers. On the white flag lap, Jeffrey, who was running a solid top 4, did a 360 in turn four and recovered, but not before being passed/avoided by half the remaining field.
Finish: 1) Bakker(3); 2) Gharst(4); 3) Austin McCarl(6); 4) Terry McCarl(5); 5) Casey Mack(10); 6) Donovan Peterson(9); 7) Dobesh(11); 8) Dylan Peterson(12)...

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