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Topic: June 24th Huset's Sprints
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June 25, 2012 at 03:26:57 AM
Joined: 01/03/2005
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Huset's Speedway June 24, 2012 Sprints

360 Sprints
Heat 1
Eric Lutz dominated from his outside front row starting spot. Matt Juhl and Jeremiah Jordahl battled back and forth for the runner up spot.
Finish: 1) 5 - Eric Lutz(2); 2) 09 - Matt Juhl(3); 3) 3J - Jeremiah Jordahl(1); 4) 75 - Tommy Barber(5); 5) 15 - Joe Riedel(4); 6) 5w - Lyle Howey III(7); 7) 21 - Dustin Beenken(6).

Heat 2
Jordan Martens managed to take the checkered flag at the finish after several back and forth lead challenges and changes from Gerod Olivier in his 2x sprinter. Olivier got his nose in front of Martens on the back straight of the first lap putting both drivers into a close battle with Martens pulling away coming out of turn 4 on lap 2. The battle for first place continued nose and nose to the finish.
Finish: 1) 13m - Jordan Martens(1); 2) 2x - Gerod Olivier(2); 3) 17b - Ryan Bickett(4); 4) 316 - ?(3); 5) 24 - Randy Droescher(6); 6) 12L - John Lambertz(7).

Heat 3
Casey Abbas launched into first place at the drop of the green from pole position with Robby Wolfgang keeping close on his tail. The yellow flew for debris on the track and on the restart, Abbas again took the lead with Wolfgang hot on his tail. Wolfgang dived low in turn 4 to take the lead and the racing was close through turns 1 and 2, when Wolfgang pulled away and stayed up front to the finish.
Finish: 1) 33 - Robby Wolfgang(2); 2) 17v - Casey Abbas(1); 3) 1 - Justin Glaser(4); 4) 28 - Mitcvh Runge(5); 5) 81 - Jared Jansen(3); 6) 4 - Ryan Jones(6).

360 A Feature
The race was stopped on the first lap for Brock Dump and Jeremiah Jordahl getting into each other, resulting in front end damage for both at the top of turn two. John Lambertz and Randy Droescher joined them in the pits. A total restart was ruled.
Tommy Barber set the pace from pole position, with the 316(didn't get his name) car taking first at the flag stand. Eric Lutz showed again that he had the car to reckon with, as car 316 and Lutz's 5 checked out from the pack, with Lutz taking the lead in turn four with 16 laps to go. The red flag flew again after two laps of racing for Jared Jansen and Dustin Beenken who got into some wheel banging in turn two. Tommy Barber also came to a stop at the bottom of two. All three would retire to the pits.
With 15 laps left to go, the order was 5-316-28-09-33-13m-17v-2x-17b-5w-4-1. At the drop of the green, pulled away from the pack running the bottom in the corners while Mitch Runge challenged for second. Lutz was into lapped traffic with ten laps to go and moved to the top to deal with traffic. Meanwhile Matt Juhl had moved into third. On the 12th lap, the 316 car got into the turn one wall, brining out the yellow and moving Juhl into second place.
With 6 laps to go the order was: 5-09-28-33-17b-13m-17v-1-2x-5w-4. Lutz again pulled away at the green, with Runge passing for second on lap 5. Wolfgang got past Juhl and Runge in the final laps to take the runner up spot behind Lutz.
Finish: 1) Lutz(4); 2) Wolfgang(6); 3) Runge(3); 4) Bickett(11); 5) Juhl(7); 6) Abbas(9); 7) J. Martens(5); 8) Howey III(16); 9) Olivier(8); 10) Jones(19); 11) through 20) = DNF.

410 Sprints
Heat 1
Lynton Jeffrey took the lead at the green with Gregg Bakker and Dylan Peterson giving chase while Justin Henderson got past Peterson for third place on the lap two. Dylan Peterson took back third place from Henderson on the next lap as Mark Dobmeier moved into 4th with 4 laps to go. Dobmeier got past Bakker in turn one on the next lap.
Finish: 1) 12 - Lynton Jeffrey(1); 2) 25 - Dylan Peterson(2); 3) 13 - Mark Dobmeier(6); 4) 11x - Gregg Bakker(3); 5) 82 - Justin Henderson(4); 6) 101 - Chuck McGillivray(5); 7) 17b - Ryan Bickett(7).

Heat 2
Dusty Ballenger took the lead at the drop of the green, with Jody Rosenboom quickly overtaking him for the lead. Kaley Gharst got past Donovan Peterson in turn three to take third with 7 to go. On the next lap, Austin McCarl moved into fourth. Rosenboom continued to pull away from the pack, putting a straightaway lead over Ballenger by the time the checkered flag flew.
Finish: 1) 14 - Jody Rosenboom(2); 2) 2d - Dusty Ballenger(1); 3) 6 - Kaley Gharst(4); 4) 17a - Austin McCarl(5); 5) 24 - Terry McCarl(6); 6) 3 - Donovan Peterson(3).

410 A Feature
Polesitter Kaley Gharst took the lead at the green running a low line as outside front row starter Justin Henderson took a high line going into turn one to start the 25 lap feature event. Henderson took the lead from Gharst coming out of turn four and pulled away from the pack, putting a straightaway lead on Gharst by the fourth lap. Henderson continued to lead Gharst as the pack put 5 laps on the counter, when Mark Dobmeier cut a donut in turn 2, bringing out the yellow flag. Dobmeier would go to the pits to attempt repairs, but the crew was unable to have the car ready in the alotted time.
With 20 laps to go, the order was: 82-6-11x-17a-12-24-14-3-101-25-17b. On the restart, Henderson again pulls away as Gregg Bakker gets past Gharst in turn one to take second place on lap seven. Bakker reels in Henderson, going high into turn three and gets into the marbles, does half a spin and comes to a stop as Henderson keeps his car moving and maneuvers out of the contact to keep his front running spot as the yellow comes out for the stopped Bakker. After going to the pits for a safety check, Bakker returns to tag the tail with thirteen laps left in the feature race.
With thirteen laps to go, the order was: 82-6-17a-24-12-14-3-101-25-2d-17b-11x. Henderson again checks out at the drop of the green, riding the cushion and holding his distance until with eight laps to go, Gharst finds his groove and starts reeling him in. With six laps to go, Henderson gets into lapped traffic, and on the next lap, Donovan Peterson comes to a slow stop in turn four, with Henderson, who was up top riding the cushion, dives to avoid a collision and maintain his position as the yellow flag comes out with five to go.
Five laps to go, the order was: 82-6-17a-24-12-14-11x-25-2d-17b. At the return to racing, Henderson again runs off with the lead taking the high line around the 3/8 mile banked oval and again was able to put the distance between him and Gharst for the win.
Finish: 1) 82 - Henderson(2); 2) 6 - Gharst(1); 3) 24 - T. McCarl(5); 4) 17a - A. McCarl(3); 5) 12 - Jeffrey(7); 6) 14 - Rosenboom(10); ...

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