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outlaw track pro
March 13, 2007 at 07:50:45 PM
Joined: 05/25/2006
Posts: 18

Centerville Super Speedway [color=red]March 29th 2007

Razorback National's[/color]

Modified, Mini St, pure, hobby

1$5000.00 $3000.00 $1000.00 $1000.00 Thursday night WE WILL finish

2 2000.00 1200.00 400.00 $400.00 The Razorback National's IN its

3rd 1000.00 750.00 200.00 200.00 ENTIRITY

4th 800.00 500.00 175.00 175.00 WEATHER PERMITTING Rain Date is March 30th

5th 700.00 400.00 150.00 150.00 Then the very next night here we

6th 650.00 375.00 130.00 130.00 go again

7th 600.00 300.00 125.00 125.00 WITH

8th 550.00 250.00 115.00 115.00 YET

9th 525.00 225.00 100.00 100.00 thru 20th. BUT

10th 500.00 210.00 100.00 thru 20th. ANOTHER

11th 450.00 200.00 thru 20th. ****************

12th 425.00 ************

13th thru 20th. $400.00 *******


[color=red]March 30th, 31st. 2007

Arkansas dirt trackin

State championship[/color]

Modifieds minis hobbys pure stocks

1$2500.00 $1000.00 $1000.00 $1000.00

2 1000.00 400.00 350.00 $350.00

3rd 500.00 200.00 175.00 175.00

4th 315.00 175.00 150.00 150.00 modified $200.00 to start

www.arkansasdirttrackin.com minis $100.00 to start

5th 310.00 150.00 130.00 130.00 all other class $50.00 start

6th 300.00 130.00 125.00 125.00

7th 250.00 125.00 115.00 115.00

8th 215.00 115.00 100.00 100.00

9th 210.00 100.00 75.00 75.00

10th 205.00 110.00 50.00 50.00 thru 20th.

11th 205.00 100.00 thru 20th.

12th 205.00

13th thru 20th. $200.00


($100.00 ENTRY FEE (CHECKS ACCEPTED 1 week prior to event. no exceptions!!!)

(Rain dates are Saturday March 31st. & Sunday April 1st. 2007)

Friday night pure and mini & hobby & modified will qualify positions 1 thru 10

Saturday night pure ,mini & hobby stock AND MODIFIED will qualify positions (11,thru 20, )



RACING FORMAT 1ST. NIGHT HOT LAPS: PURE STOCK HEAT 1, MINI STOCK HEAT 1,HONNY STOCK HEAT 1, PURE STOCK HEAT 2, MINI STOCK HEAT 2, HOBBY STOCK HEAT 2 then modified heats then b mains then A qualifier race all classes race for pure,

2nd. Night


in all classes pole car has option of taking outside lane in A main only (only top 2 car will be able to swap lanes front line only 1st. and 2nd. position only pole driver's choice)

MODIFIEDS: IMCA TYPE RULES with these EXCEPTIONS! No motor claim, 2350# min. weight,

(Aluminum heads ok add 50# in front of motor plate), grooved tires ok, spoilers ok 8 in. max.


You may run CSS pro-4 rules or run these rules 8-inch wheels max, mod or street tires ok must fit in tire hoop, 1lb. for every cc, ford aluminum head add 50# in front of flywheel, Add 100Llbs anywhere if stroked or destroyed, steel wheels only beadlock right rear only, No front wheel drive unless oem stock injection ok, 4 cylinder only, no nitro, nitrous, no fuel injection of any kind or additives, racing gas only. headers ok, No rotary engine cars or trucks ect.. No turbo or traction control. rear Springs and control arms must be in stock location control arms must be stock (oem) unaltered. Rear end must be stock production may be interchanged between makes grand nat. ok, any body, Weight jacks ok, rear end may be locked –spool reese bar or 3rd bar ok. Racing & Hiems joint shocks ok, racing springs ok.


Stock wheelbase. any body. Can use aftermarket nose and tailpieces but must 'look' factory. Aftermarket doors and fenders and hoods are allowed. Must have full front and rear factory firewall in stock location or drivers box. Chassis or unibody will remain factory stock may connect unibody.

Brakes must remain factory OEM. No adjustable brakes, Rear disc brakes are allowed Maximum 8" wheels only. NO BEADLOCKS! asphalt pulloffs tire. Stock production rear ends may be interchanged among manufacturers, Rear ends may be locked and mini spools are OK. NO TRACTION CONTROL. No gold track or like. any stock type clutch, pressure plate. 2-barrel 500 CFM 1&11/16 – 1 &3/16 carb MAX. Must weigh 3400 lb after race with driver. Headers ok. FLAT TOP or dish pistons only. No stroking or destroying. No porting and polishing. Stock production harmonic balancer, No gear drives. Timing must be chain driven. ANY hydrolic cam, no hyd. roller ! Stock lifter and lifter bore. Motor location: #1 spark plug must not be past the upper ball joint. No cubic inch limit. Stock suspension, stock shock location.

Hobby Stock Rules

Weight rule 3200 lbs. with driver after race.

Minimum wheel base 101 inches. Wheelbase must remain stock according to year model. All cars must remain stock appearing. radiator and gas tank. radiators in engine compartment only. No square bodies.

No. 1 plug must be no further back than ball joint. You may move firewall back. All cars must use 2-barrel carburetors. No more than 500 CFM maximum 1 11/16 and 1&3/8 maximum. Holley?s OK, headers OK, any battery fire distributor, manual fuel pump,An mass produced intakes, no roller cams.

single disc clutch must be stock appearing No Bert of after market transmission.

Front shocks must be in stock position. Racing shocks OK. No weights jacks, no torque absorbing devices and no double shocks.

Rear ends may be locked. Suspension must remain in stock position. May use Ford in Chevy, etc. Grand national ok.

Wheel maximum 10 inch. Right rear bead lock optional. Large steel lug nuts, minimun 1" on all 4 wheels. Engine block must be stock production. Flat top or dished pistons only. Hydraulic or flat tappet camshaft. No roller or hydraulic roller cams. Aftermarket valve springs OK. Screw in studs allowed.

CUBIC INCH MAXIMUM LIMITS (INCLUDES CLEARANCE AND WEAR) GM - 364 FORDS - 364 CHRYSLER - 370 Rear suspensions must mount up factory stock. All control arms must mount up in stock positions. NO aftermarket control arms. No concentric trailing arms. All cars must remain on stock type suspension for the car that it is under. Any asphalt takeoffs on the front and rear. NO tires softer than a 45 compound allowed. NO recaps.

Ar pro inc. aka Centerville Super Speedway www.arkansasdirttrackin.com

Wayne Tidwell mgr. 479-970-4376

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