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Topic: Sprint Car Bandits Pre-Track Review for the new 82 Speedway in Petty Texas Email this topic to a friend | Subscribe to this TopicReport this Topic to Moderator
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March 24, 2019 at 10:29:40 AM
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Sprint Car Bandits Pre-Track Review for the new 82 Speedway in Petty Texas:

First off, EVERYONE in the Texoma, Ark-La-Tex and North Texas areas needs to mark their calendars right now to plan to come to this track on SATURDAY APRIL 27th for the Sprint Car Bandits event scheduled at 82 Speedway!!! After attending their first event of the season last night, here's why.

This is going to be a THROWDOWN track for sprint car racing!

-No walls all the way around the immediate racing surface of the track - including the straights. There is a runoff area of about 10' on the straights and upwards of 30' in the corners!

-The wide, full 1/3 mile track has plenty of width and will encourage lots of slide jobs and momentum.

-The track is laid out great, and there's tons of space for everyone, from the pit area through the grandstand to the spectator parking area.

-It's located directly on Hwy 82 between Paris and Bonham, so there's no having to 'search' for the track.

-Very good lighting, track amenities and excellent safety features.

-The elevated grandstand has seating for 3,400 fans - and the entire facility has zero obstructed views for fans in any seat. (Same goes for the pit grandstands.)

-I only tried one thing from the concession stand, and it was the nachos with meat and cheese and it was excellent.

-As witnessed last night on several occasions, the track owners are all about the advancement of the sport and are very rational, fair and caring people and are all about creating an environment at the property everyone can enjoy going to.

Attached are several pictures that will give you a taste for the layout and what you'll find upon arrival.

Note in the first panoramic picture, I took it from the pit grandstands, which are spacious and well situated to the pits. This property is very large - 70 acres - yet everything is just a minute's walk away...whether it's the pit concessions stand, lineup board, restrooms, running water/spigot, pit window, fuel sales and track entrance.

NOTE TO SPRINT TEAMS GETTING THERE: It actually only took us like an hour and 20 minutes to get there from our location (Bass Pro Shops/Lake Ray Hubbard). We've actually been up there a few times already, but if you use Siri, there's a pretty decent shortcut that takes us there.

But for people hauling trailers you've got to be 'up on the wheel' if Siri takes you there on Hwy 50 going north out of Commerce. And for those that know me, I don't like being in panic situations (that are avoidable) when driving a race car hauler.

There are two areas that you need to pay close attention to:

1. When you start to arrive in Ladonia, be advised that all of the sudden in the middle of the town...the asphalt suddenly ends and the road turns to gravel for about 4 blocks! If you're not mentally prepared for this unexpected twist, it can really throw you for a loop - as you do NOT want to accidentally turn thinking you're not supposed to go down that gravel road - as that is the correct way - and there are a lot of tiny TINY 'streets' that you'd have to figure out how to traverse to get back to where you're supposed to be. LOL, but it definitely had me a bit out-of-sorts for a moment the first time I encountered it.

2. And the final item to watch for is when you arrive in Honey Grove. When you approach the stoplight where you turn right onto Hwy 56 (you'll see a Shamrock gas station on the right side of the intersection), there is a pretty significant grade change going from where you pull up to the stoplight through where you turn on to Hwy 56. If you're not careful about taking the corner wide enough, I can totally see someone dragging the tail of their trailer on the ground due to the grade change getting on to the road.

In summary:

Bottom line, 82 Speedway is clearly, and I mean CLEARLY, one of the top dirt tracks and facilities in the entire REGION. I really feel all the racers will enjoy it, the fans will love it and I can't wait til we have our first of three Sprint Car Bandits series stops at this ultra-modern speedplant - with the first one in the pipeline coming on Saturday April DON'T MISS IT!

Click or for more track details, schedules and news. Thanks to Shelley and Tracy Peters for bringing us all such a FANtastic place to race!

Visit to view several more pictures of this new track.

Here's a shot from the pit grandstands:

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