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Topic: Buffalo Creek & 82 Speedway's Join Forces to Create 'Texas Stock' Division Email this topic to a friend | Subscribe to this TopicReport this Topic to Moderator
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January 29, 2019 at 06:48:10 PM
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Buffalo Creek & 82 Speedway's Join Forces to Create 'Texas Stock' Division

Garland TX (01/29/19) by Street Stock and Stock Car-type racing in Texas has always been popular with fans and teams. However, in recent years several tracks have dropped the divisions due to dwindling car counts and lack of uniformity in rules between area tracks, which made it hard for drivers to travel from track to track to race their car. But there are still lots of cars in these divisions just sitting in their garages looking for a track to race at.

Well, those teams are now going to get their chance to race again in 2019, using simple rule edits that will essentially eliminate the majority of those previous rules discrepancies.

In recent independent meetings between the track owners of Buffalo Creek Speedway (Canton, TX) and 82 Speedway (Petty, TX) and Darin Short, it was determined there were lots of teams pleading to pick up 'their' street stock or stock car-type rules package. The problem, once again, is that if you pick one guy's track rules package vs. another, then you're back in the same boat of disallowing the other half of the cars from being able to race. And that wasn't going to work.

Now, collectively we've created a solution that will work for most teams (instead of a half), and at the same time, help keep racer costs more under control...with a bi-product of these rules changes being closer competition.

So, what are the rules changes? It's easy.

Each track, Buffalo Creek Speedway and 82 Speedway use the same rules for Factory Stock tires. All Texas Stock division cars will all race on the same posted Factory Stock tire rules (Hoosier asphalt F45 pull offs). Plus all cars must weigh at least 3,000# after the race with driver. Each driver must bring a copy of their local track's Street Stock/Stock Car-type division rules with them for tech - which they need to comply to for their base rules package.

Essentially, that's the nuts-and-bolts of the new Texas Stock division at Buffalo Creek Speedway and 82 Speedway. Both tracks plan to continue to work with each other on scheduling of the division as well, so that only one of the two tracks will be racing the division on any given night (so it doesn't split the field).

The detailed rules are posted below and will appear at each of the two track's website soon. is the location for Buffalo Creek Speedway and soon will be launching its new site. Both track schedules will be released soon as well.

Texas Stock rules have been uploaded as a PDF file for easy viewing/output across all channels at the site under the 'Driver/Rules' tab.

The brand new Buffalo Creek Speedway is located four miles north of I-20 on Hwy 19 in Canton and is scheduled to open on March 29th, while the new 82 Speedway is located just east of Petty Texas on Hwy 82 (which is about 15 miles west of Paris). The two tracks are 80 miles north/south of each other, and are an easy drive from one to the other.


The Texas Stock division mission is to provide Stock Car and Street Stock-type cars in the area that have lost their home track or have limited options on where they can race – a place to race – at Buffalo Creek Speedway and 82 Speedway through our new rules package. Both tracks intend on running this division when they can and not on nights that are on top of each other. There are lots of variations of rules from track to track for this division, which we are going to address through weight rules and tire rules (below).

The rules for this division are meant to be quite simple.

All drivers must follow the BCS and 82 Speedway General Rules that are posted separately. You must bring your Street Stock/Stock Car-type division track rules with you in case you are asked for them in tech.

Here are the car rules for this division:

-Minimum total car weight after the race, with driver, is 3,000#.

-Cars must have a stock stub, no full tubular chassis (like Late Models) allowed.

-Body rules: car must have an appearance of a Stock Car. No ‘Late Model’ division appearing cars.

-All cars are subject to track official approval. Track official rulings are final.

-All cars must be deemed as being safe before they are allowed to compete.

-If you choose to run a spoiler, you must run the spoiler height mandated by your track rules – and provide a copy of those track rules when your car is being teched. Again, no LM appearing cars.

-All tires must be the same posted BCS and 82 Speedway track rules for Factory Stocks, which are asphalt pull-off tires (see FS rules for full details). No other tires will be allowed other than the current posted Factory Stock rules.
Texas Stocks is not about who can afford expensive tires, it’s about giving drivers a track to race at - that have limited options due to the type of car they have built/lack of uniform rules across the region.

-You can choose to groove, sipe or grind your ‘Factory Stock’ tires in the Texas Stock division.

-Any lead weight added to the car to make weight must be bolted on securely, painted white, and with your car number on it. Weights falling off your car during competition is a DQ-able offense.

-You cannot run your Factory Stock in the Texas Stocks division on the same night that you’re running in the Factory Stock division.

This is meant to be a fun, yet competitive division. We do not want this division to get out of hand, as that is the reason why so many tracks have dropped this type of division. Drivers taking these simple rules out of context may not be allowed to compete if track officials deem their car unsafe or not adhering to the basic rules. If it doesn’t say you can’t do something, that doesn’t make it legal. Just adhere to your track’s basic stock/street-type rules and between our tire and weight rule, it will make for a very competitive and fun division for the fans.