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Davis Suspension Technology
June 19, 2013 at 09:49:33 AM
Joined: 01/03/2013
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Davis Suspension
Technology Track Day

8-11-13 at Chateau

Raceway in Lansing, Minn 10am-5pm

Fully Prepped Racetrack

With Concessions Available!

Street stocks, Stock

cars, all Bmods, all Amods are welcome!

We Install, You Test!

You Like What You Test,

You Take It Home!

$40 per driver and must

mail in fees with entry forum by July 21st

One of the ever most advancing items in a racer's arsenal of performance enhancing tools is shocks.There is a mystery for some whether or not they would help, and be worth the
expense. Some individuals scrape up the money, and are very displeased after
the new expensive shocks didn't help at all. That's where we step in. We work
with you over the course of the race season and dial the shocks in for the
racer's liking and needs. There isn't a super-secret shock package, just one on
one help. Not one car is the same as another, especially when it comes down to
the driver. The D.S.T. Track Day is going to give racers the opportunity to
come to the Chateau Raceway, and test variously custom valved shocks. If the
driver likes a set of shocks, he/she will be able to buy them on the spot and
take them home, the same going for the pull bars. We are going to have upwards
of SIXTY differently valved shocks for drivers to test, along with four differently setup pull bars. These pull bars will be the same ones that Brandon runs in his USMTS/USRA Modified. Also available to try out will be our custom pull bar plates for the quick change
rear ends. We will have various swedge tubes on hand so drivers can test out
different mounting positions.

All of the shocks, pull bars, and pull bar plates will be for sale at the track,
you will be able to take home any shock or pull bar package with you at a first
come first serve basis. All sales completed at the track (shocks, pull bars,
pull bar plates) will be at a discount price of 10% off for all shocks that are
run at the track that day. All orders placed that day for new products will be
5% off. If for whatever reason one specific valving of one shock is purchased
to the point where one is left, that shock will then be kept for the remainder
of the day, so other drivers can experience it. At the end of the day, the
first driver that wants the last shock can take that shock home if he/she wants
to. The second option is, let that last shock go home with someone else and we
will have a new shock valved exactly the same and shipped to you within one to
two business weeks. Likewise if the pull bars are sold out, we can have the
exact same pull bar package shipped to you in one to two business weeks.

Davis Suspension
Technology Chateau Raceway

415 16th AveSE 54219 226th ST

Waseca, MN 56093 Lansing, MN 55950

1-507-833-0111 (shop) 1-507-391-2486(Darin-Promoter)

1-507-456-8737 (cell) www.chateauraceway.net


Call or email Brandon at D.S.T. to get a copy of the entry forum. All entry forums and fees are due by July 21st. If a driver has sent in his/her entry forum/fees, and
cannot make it, a full refund will be given. Limited attendance so get your
info in soon! The rain date will be 8-18-13, with the same start and end time.

Brandon is a Two-Time National Champion, with well over 100 feature wins in his short career. He has driven three different racecars thus far, and has been able to make all three
work to his liking. Being fast isn't just about driving, it's about
understanding what your racecar is doing, and how to alter it for you, the
driver. Come out to the Davis Suspension Technology Track Day and see if we can
help you.

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