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Intended to stop the crisis facing the West
Blog Submitted by zztao0702 on 02/27/2012 at 8:24 AM Report Blog


Real Madrid Casey St. the Villa, outside the national team, they joined forces again at the negotiating table. La Liga as the two players’ union vice chairman, led by goalkeeper Pa with the front sticking to the bottom line workers, 27 years, the first football strike in Spain a reality.The NFL Soccer Jersey Replica strike lasted six months; the two sides eventually settled the middle finger on end. NBA lockout was an impasse; both parties see each other on the nausea. Serie A routine released before the start of trade union. La Liga was a short delay is strong. The world’s millions of migrant workers stand tall sports, in their five bars under the leadership of a brave struggle with capitalists doing.
The level of first-class operation bleak Serie strike enduringly. High position of the La Liga you can not afford some injuries. Source of instability that is also simple and complex, the players union is not much to the – to resolve outstanding wages. La Liga and Xiyi Spanish La Liga soccer jersey wholesale boss a player 50 million euros owed wages. Players want to return to their hard-earned money, his girlfriend and wife’s mother forced to bear, what the money kicked the ball. Spanish players waving anxiously looking forward to the wage card, the new season and pay whichever comes first? Pay talks means exhausted the player’s long road, 04 years of joining Xi Yi Shang Yi; Zhang Meng had filmed a photo of naked protesters Jerez team players: do not pay me off to you. 27 years, a total of five times the Spanish football league trouble strikes, this time finally play big. Bosses do not want to IOUs, but they have no money, money? All are from the evil of the distribution system. Club main income comes from television revenue, but this cake was Real Madrid Ba Saqie Atletico Madrid Soccer Jersey to large, running out of cake crumbs enough to feed the small club. Top broadcast giants could cost billions of dollars euros split; the ball will earn less than their twentieth. Wages of the wealthy do not have crisis, Barcelona cut subsidies to football hockey department. Real Madrid 2011 budget of $ 500 million in Europe, but if not good, the financial system faces collapse.
Serie A La Liga lockout crisis still has the background, the two countries deeply in debt quagmire. In recent years, Spain’s economic downturn, the latest unemployment rate of 25%, the fiscal deficit over 10%. May Spain Massive demonstrations played against the government’s incompetence. In most of the monthly salary of less than 2,000 euros in the Spanish Atletico Madrid Nike Soccer Jerseys Wholesale context, the high salary players to become the club’s heavy burden, now has 21 La Liga, the club filed for bankruptcy Xiyi, everyone panic to survive in a storm. The negotiating table at the top stops the clock points to 0:30, hour and minute hands stiff non-phase plan to restart the moment at ten ten, hour and minute hands were made victory “V” word.

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