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Notes from a pipe frame guy- Politics, their effect, what I need to do
Blog Submitted by brian26 on 05/08/2009 at 10:33 PM Report Blog

This is a personal reflection. I can't name names, but you need to get the idea. On May 19 at 12:00 am, my stated tenure as self appointed pr person,spin doctor, etc ends. It is not in my best interests to pursue any other shows --other than May, 2010 at Ada------- without an organization, rules, and guidelines to go by. I made a few enemies, I could stand and fight, win even, but is that good for the vintage race car movement in Oklahoma and North Texas? I don't think so.

We need an organization, plain and simple if we wish for this thing to continue. I hate meetings and rules just like you.

But it's necessary. Find someone to be your president, and all the other needed positions. Guidelines will have to be in place. 

Draw a line at I-44, OkC to Tulsa, look south. From that line to Houston there are 40-60 vintage race cars that either are running, could be in one week, or never fired displays.I'm certain there are more we don't know about. On top of that are several frames out there waiting to be rediscovered that we thought were long gone. A frame carried the efforts, and the history of those efforts are scattered throughout the region.Still the frame is the credible foundation to rebuild a historical car. Look into it, you'll find we have a sweet spot in the world of old race cars.  We took no quarter in the old days, save this thing now and we won't have to in the future.

The market for old race cars and parts is doing pretty good too. Bargains right now are at a high and hunters are stocking them up. DON'T BLAME THEM, THOSE PIECES ARE BEING SAVED FROM THE SCRAP PILE. Just last week a frame on craigslist was one week away from going to the curb in OkC. Yes, it was a rare one too. How do I know? I talked to the seller myself.

The country is booming for old race car parts, but did you know the Aussies are doing well also? Where do you think they are getting their new pieces? You guessed it, where the best bargains are. THE INTERNET HAS CHANGED EVERYTHING. Our region is a prime slice of oppurtunity as we speak. Years of indifference have made us tasty to international afficianados. The only thing slowing them down is the shipping costs. If they keep growing, the shipping costs will be just considered a part of the equation, factored in with enough financial planning to keep growing. Still, they have to compete with the other regions of this country.

If Australia wants our pieces(right now it's midgets), New Zealand is right behind. Yes, they like supermodifieds and sprints too.

Right now this region has  about 6 collection partnerships that I know about. THAT MEANS, there are usually 2 partners to each collective entity. So, that makes 10-12 collectors of parts, and race cars. Most want to sell back into the territory and see this thing flourish. Still, they have to pay the light bills, and when the market is weak to sell here, they have to sell outside to meet their needs. Most of their source for bargains to be sold at a profit(it's the American way) is this very region we live in. A few, have banked their retirements on it for the most part.

This is where the politics comes in- Collectors are competitive. It's hard to just buy one, two, three and so on. They love the artform and hope it will all work out somehow. Every one of them can or could have 2-3 cars complete with a lot of inventory leftover. Engines are an expense unto their own, but the cars are still here for the most part. When they start boycotting shows, or speaking out against a neighbors efforts, some listen. 3 cars that boycott, could turn into several more just BECAUSE OF THE CRAP THAT COMES OUT OF IGNORANCE. Personally, I have to bend over backwards for the power,  the power being the car owners, the ones that DO show up.

The feedback is alive good and bad. Pride enters strongly when it's negative, "i'll show you" is the order of the day. So, when you have silent protests that extend with influence,new shows get stifled.

When this thing started out for south of OkC last fall to have a show somehwere, we had 30-40 cars that wanted to show up. When we got to Wichita Falls, it looked like 25-30--it ended up being 17.

Going into Ada, factor in last minute no-shows, it looks like we'll be lucky to clear 10.

I'll be the first to admit that I have made mistakes, but it's been lonely in the ring at times when promises get broken and they are the kind that the hobby needs to have at the moment. One man with an obsession is not enough, and several without guidelines to go by, are blind and likely to ease themselves out altogether.

I have the cars that I want at my disposal now. I want MY VOTE as to if or when I WILL/will not show up to an event. I have yet to have that vote. I want to show anyway, but the sheer terror of putting things out on the websites, building the buzz, and getting the bomb of no-shows at the last minute, well... it ain't fair to the fans, participants, promoter, his crew or me and I don't want to put up with that shit if that's what the future holds for me everytime a show comes around.

I, Brian Satterwhite, am a 'supermodified fan, 1968-1980 era'. IF THOSE CARS ARE NOT SUPPORTED PROPERLY, THEN I PULL MY SUPPORT. I will be with the old supers. I am in the right region, but the future will tell if I'm in the right time. I came in as 'nobody' and am ready to go back out as 'nobody'. I made a few very good lifelong friends and I have the cars I want at my disposal. I win.

I have done my best to keep this honest and straight as possible. I have not, nor will I take one red cent for my efforts on, or off the table for the work done so far.

If you want to see this movement going forward with reality, step-up and make a hand.


What you say you're going to do, is not where you make your reputation.





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