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The Major Effects of the Lining Board of a Ball Mill
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 12/20/2017 at 4:13 AM Report Blog

In China, the Ore Milling Equipment company specialized in manufacturing the anti-abrasion rubber lining board is Machinery, which is the only company who own the production technology of wet type anti-abrasion rubber, and the anti-abrasion rubber produced by our company reaches 128 in the anti-abrasion degree.
This rubber lining board in inside the ball mill has perfect effects, which can be reflected in the following points:
1. Reduce the energy consumption of ball mills: The proportion of the rubber is only one-seven of the manganese steel, so that using anti-abrasion rubber lining board can reduce the weight of the cylinder, thus reducing the workload of the motor, and at the same time, reducing the production cost of the ore grinding.

2. High anti-abrasion and impact proofing: The elasticity of the rubber greatly reduces the impacting force, and the anti-abrasion performance is greatly improved, so that the service life of the lining board is 1.5-2 times of the manganese steel plate. The service life is 2~3 years if it is used in the first grinding stage, and 4~5 years used in the second grinding stage.

3. Low noise: The collision of the steel and the rubber reduces the noises itself, and at the same time, the anti-abrasion rubber itself has the function of sound insulation, thus the noises are reduced by over 18db. The reduction of the noises improves the working environment, which stimulates the motivation of the customers to some degree, and indirectly improves production effectiveness of the manufacturing company.

4. The installation of the ball mill is easy: The weight of the rubber is weight, so that the installation of the lining board is convenient, which shortens the maintenance time by three fourths, and the sealing performance is excellent, thus improving the running efficiency of the company.

5. Anti-corrosion: The manganese steel may have chemical reaction with the acid, soda and salt, thus accelerating the abrasion of the lining board. However, the anti-abrasion rubber lining board manufactured by Machinery has been newly researched with anti-corrosion property, thus extending the service life of the lining board.

5. High effective size and processing ability: Because the anti-abrasion rubber lining board is highly anti-abrasive, and the thickness of the lining board is thinner than that of the manganese steel, so that the volume of the ball mill is increased, and properly adjusting the ball filling amount can improve the processing ability of the ball mill.
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