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The working principle of hammer crusher
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 11/03/2017 at 8:45 PM Report Blog

Construction Waste Crusher has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance. Is mainly composed of a transmission part, a rotor, a main bearing, grate and shell etc.. When the device starts by elastic coupling directly drives the rotor to rotate. The main bearing of the rotor is installed outside the shell, which can keep the cleanliness of the rolling bearing, prevent dust or other debris falling into the bearing, and play a very good sealing effect on the bearing. A reversible hammer crusher is welded by the steel, a box type structure. The feeding port is positioned above the casing, and the lining is inserted on the inner wall of the shell to be damaged or impacted by the crushing material, so as to prevent the casing from wearing and prolong the mechanical life.

As everyone knows, hammer crusher work machine part is mainly based on the hinge according to certain rules on the turntable on the hammer, when will produce centrifugal force and rotating force of high-speed rotating wheel, ore material crushing cavity of the hammer blow effect in these two kinds of force, its broken. At the same time, the ore material is impacted by the lining plate and the impact of the ore material itself, forming a composite crushing effect, accelerating the crushing speed of the material.

Hammer crusher rotor is composed of spindle, hammer and other parts of the disc. There are 11 disks installed on the spindle. A pin sleeve is inserted between the pin hole of the hammer head and the pin hole of the pin, and is screwed on the pin shaft at the end of the pin shaft, so as to prevent the pin sleeve from rotating. A flywheel is installed at the left end of the spindle, in order to reduce the non-uniformity of the rotor rotation and increase the energy of the hammer striking the material. The rotor of the equipment can only rotate in one direction. When the hammer end wears to a certain extent and even affects the broken material, the direction of the hammer must be changed or replaced by a new hammer.
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