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Processing of calcium carbonate powder
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 11/02/2017 at 9:46 PM Report Blog

After years of practice and continuous improvement, the structure of industrial Ultrafine Mill has been improved gradually, with the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, small footprint, less capital investment and environmental pollution. The Red Star machine, the largest manufacturer of Raymond mill, years of continuous research and improvement of equipment. It has successively launched many patented products such as high pressure suspension roller mill and over pressure V shape mill. The equipment has passed the international quality certification system and passed the European Union CE certification.

The calcium carbonate powder equipment, compared with the plastic processing, textile and toy, electrical and mechanical, tire rubber and other export-oriented industries, small calcium carbonate industry suffered the impact of the financial crisis, the development momentum is still good, the body process of calcium carbonate powder more stringent requirements. At present all kinds of calcium carbonate technology in China, energy consumption is large. Some processes carbonized coal only 90 kg / ton, some red star 160 kg / ton, some craft limestone calcination only 20 kg / ton of coal, while some red star 200 kg / ton. Taking 50 thousand tons / year calcium carbonate plant as an example, using advanced energy saving technology and backward technology, only 12 thousand and 500 tons of coal consumption in one year, that is, about 10000000 yuan difference. Therefore, the advanced technology and practical technology and equipment, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly high demand.

The biggest advantage of adding calcium carbonate powder, is the good filling and low price. In addition to the special industries, particles of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate and fine calcium carbonate powder fineness has been fully meet the field of plastic processing, rubber, wire and cable, coating, coal chemical industry, feed additives and other requirements, without processing of nanometer calcium carbonate. Because the finer the particle, the more complex the processing process, the more the process, the higher the energy consumption, the greater the equipment performance requirements in the powder processing technology, the Red Star Machine launched Raymond Mill fully meet the calcium carbonate powder processing needs.

The first technique, Raymond mill and absorption of advanced technology in Europe and combined with the advanced design of the Red Star Machinery mill for manufacturing concept and market demand, after painstaking design improved large grinding equipment for many years, with the structural design is reasonable and reliable, with advanced technological process, drying, grinding, powder selection, promotion in one, especially in the large grinding process, fully meet customer demand, the main technical and economic indicators have reached the international advanced level.

Secondly, according to the process, Raymond Mill humidifying tower and filter position, have different layout scheme, namely three fan system and double fan system. Cyclone dust collector is used for product collection. This arrangement can reduce the system working pressure and the amount of gas through the dust collector. Used esp can also be used as the final bag dust collector and dust removal equipment; the dust collecting device can be a dust collector or bag dust collector, grinding gas directly into the dust collector, the system reduces the number of devices, simplifies system configuration. Red Star mill production line equipped with dust collector to achieve zero pollution operation, is the most advanced, energy saving and environmental protection milling process.
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