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The status and development trend of mining equipment industry in China
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 11/02/2017 at 9:24 PM Report Blog

At present, China's domestic needs development mainly there are 9 types of mining equipment, the Construction Waste Crusher market demand trend is: according to the actual situation of mining industry development in China, focusing on the development of complete sets of equipment in large open-pit mining, underground mining to adapt to the conditions of small and medium and low noise explosion-proof equipment, modern large-scale tunnel boring equipment, simplifying the process of crushing and grinding ultra fine powder equipment, complete sets of equipment and mobile type washing equipment. Mining equipment industry of China is a great space for development.

China is a developing country, mining machinery and mining has just started, although the underground space has a certain scale development and utilization, but did not meet the development needs, technical strength now our economy has the basic ability to large-scale development of underground space, and has done some certain scale engineering. Therefore, as the main equipment for underground space development, full face roadheader will be widely used. It is necessary to develop modern tunneling equipment, which can not only solve the needs of mine construction and underground engineering development, but also save a great deal of foreign exchange.

Mining equipment industry development space is very broad, but the development of any equipment technology is continuous, gradual progress. So, to fully examine the domestic and foreign equipment and mining production development trend, the recent selected product development projects, adhere to the scientific concept of development, and gradually become bigger and stronger, low risk and steady, obtain better economic benefits and social benefits.

China's mining equipment manufacturing industry in the next 10 years, should be large-scale, green and intelligent development direction, and the world advanced countries. At present, some domestic open pit mining equipment, such as dragline, single bucket excavator and slope elevator, etc., some still use "DC generator DC motor" speed regulation system. The speed control system has the disadvantages of high DC motor failure rate, large maintenance workload, low system efficiency and so on. Therefore, the use of advanced speed mode is imperative. In order to make our mining equipment catch up with the advanced level of foreign countries as soon as possible, we should actively use this advanced speed control system in the electrical control of products.
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