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Key technology analysis of mobile construction waste crusher
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 11/01/2017 at 3:50 AM Report Blog

In the initial disposal of waste generated in the building, because many of the building structure is not concentrated, resulting in a lot of construction waste is not concentrated enough. Therefore, when setting up the factory, the dispersion of construction waste should also be considered, so as to improve the processing efficiency. Otherwise, it will take a long distance and time to transport, which will not only increase transportation costs, but also lead to two pollution. Therefore, mobile recycled aggregate production mode will become an important development direction of construction waste treatment equipment in the future. At the site where building waste is generated, people can deal with the waste initially. Then the treated aggregate is transported to the depth treatment center of the aggregate, and then the corresponding treatment is completed. This will not only reduce transportation costs, but also reduce its impact on the environment.

When the equipment is running, vibration occurs under the action of pressure. The unbalance vibration of Construction Waste Crusher rotor and the inhomogeneity of broken material are the main sources of random exciting force. The periodic vibration of the exciter in the equipment will generate periodic exciting force. These abnormal vibration will not only induce the resonance of the equipment, damage the equipment, reduce the service life of the equipment, but also produce noise and pollute the environment.

In order to carry out the modular design of the equipment, it is necessary to divide the module. There are many methods for module division, and the reasonable module partition strategy is usually chosen based on functional analysis. Firstly, the function of the product is analyzed, the overall function of the equipment is analyzed, some basic functional units are worked out, and then the modules are re molded according to the correlation of the relevant functional units. The measurement of the correlation degree of function units and the decomposition degree of the total product function are the key issues of module division, which is the basis for the reconstruction of devices. After the modular division of the equipment, it should be evaluated to meet the customer's personalized requirements and functional requirements of the equipment.
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