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Maintenance of flour mill equipment in winter
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 10/17/2017 at 9:17 PM Report Blog

Winter brings severe cold, which is a challenge for human beings, as well as for ultrafine mill . Therefore, in winter, the maintenance work of flour mill is also essential.

If it is in normal use, the following maintenance should be performed

1, the site, mill operation is best not to put in the open-air environment, to choose a dry room, indoor temperature should be appropriate, so as not to affect the normal operation of the mill, while increasing work efficiency.

2, regular lubrication. Mill running must be operated in good lubrication condition, otherwise it will damage the bearing and shorten the service life. Therefore, in order to make the mill run normally, the spindle refueling time required every class, once a month to open the cleaning;

3, paint repair. In winter, in addition to the cold weather, the air has become humid, and the mill as a metal type of equipment will cause long-term grinding machine is particularly easy to rust. Flour mill rust, light affect work efficiency, reduce production, heavy will stop production, and even pay for maintenance. Therefore, the paint can prevent the metal surface of the equipment from contacting with water, air and other materials and rust, and protect the mill in good working condition.

It is understood that some northern cold areas due to low temperature, the equipment is out of production. It can't be maintained even if it is not used. To choose a dry ventilated environment prior to storage, and the need for cleaning and lubrication of equipment, whether it is surface cleaning equipment or various small parts, should undertake cleaning and lubrication, and then during the storage period should be regularly cleaned and lubricated, so better equipment to ensure smooth and clean, but also better for the equipment the normal use is ready to do.
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