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What are the common problems with the mill?
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 10/11/2017 at 7:12 AM Report Blog

Mill is the current domestic use of more minerals, stone and other materials milling equipment, is one of the more advanced milling equipment, although the current mineral processing equipment are more advanced, the technical content is very high, but the mill in the Work in the process of running often under great pressure, so more prone to problems.

First, what are the common failures of the mill?

1. Reducer leak treatment

Ore Milling Equipment reducer leakage will seriously affect the overall appearance of the machine, and will waste oil, to the maintenance of equipment to bring a lot of trouble. 25551 fast curing material with 3223 rubber repair material can not stop, the scene of the leakage management, the operation is very simple, easier to manage.

2. Roller bearing chamber wear

Roller bearing parts of the general requirements of the more stringent, and not easy to bad, although the use of the process is relatively easy to heat, serious lead to bearing burning phenomenon occurs, but companies will generally put the accessories into the ice cooling, so generally not There will be any problems, but the mineral processing equipment at work, often under great pressure, parts more or less will be some wear and tear, so to repair it.

3. Ore Milling Equipment , disc liner wear repair

Roller parts and grinding liner in the use of the process, once the gap, will lead to wear between the grinding plate and the roller wear, and hot air and cement particles with continuous erosion, will lead to the occurrence of trenches , So that the roller and the grinding liner collision, resulting in greater damage to mechanical parts.

Mill in the daily work of the operation, there will be some other problems, the normal operation of the mill, the operator in the operation of the process to do the normal operation, and its daily maintenance and maintenance, so as to Better protection is not prone to failure.

Mill in the use of the process, more or less there will be some problems, but if the maintenance of good, you can slow down the wear and tear, and to ensure the normal operation of the machine can be durable. If you have any doubts, you can consult our online customer service, I believe that they can give you a perfect professional answer. Grinder service personnel to remind the major powder manufacturers should pay attention to the maintenance of the mill and routine maintenance overhaul, so that the mill production stability and the use of the period is extended.
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