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Ye wax stone mill
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 09/01/2017 at 10:14 PM Report Blog

The pyrophyllite has a fine texture, low hardness, a density of 2.65-2.90g / cm3, a refractoriness of 1700 ° C. It has good insulation and thermal insulation. Because of its excellent texture and softness, it has good mechanical processing performance, And its powder white color, high oil absorption, good coverage, etc., so it is often used as a variety of areas, such as refractories and cosmetics, etc., then in its use, the processing of pyrophyllite equipment, the following describes the pyrophyllite crusher And pyrophyllite mill.

1. Pyrophyllite crusher - crushing equipment

As the pyrophyllite hardness is small, the use of impact crusher has been able to its size of the broken. The pyrophyllite crusher is also called the pyrophyllite crusher, which is the first processing procedure for the pyrophyllite. General production of the pyrophyllite impact crusher using the latest manufacturing technology, is the use of impact energy to break the pyrophoric crushing machinery, a unique structural design, the size of the nesting size can be adjusted, coupled with the finished product after its cube, No tension and cracks, grain shape is quite good, to meet the requirements of the diversification of broken specifications, in general, the device to attract the user's point is broken than large, high yield, broken material market and other advantages, through the pyrophyllite crusher After the product, will be grinding, so its first production and processing procedures, we must choose a good.

2. Leaf wax mill - Ore Milling Equipment

The emergence of leachite milling machine, mainly to meet the market for the pursuit and demand for leprospite powder, pyrophyllite mill also known as pyrophyllite high-pressure micro-grinding, it is based on the principles of fluid mechanics, and then combined with social practice, And the airflow comparable to the efficient micro-grinding machine, by the host, blower, ultra-fineness analysis machine, finished cyclone accumulator, pulse dust collector and connecting ducts and other components, for the leachite powder fineness up to 0.010-0.033 mm, the parts of the equipment to improve the height of the roller and grinding ring height increased, a greater degree of increase in the grinding contact area, the milling effect is better, and the equipment in operation safe and reliable, for the practical needs of pyrophyllite can Satisfy.
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