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The rapid development of infrastructure
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 08/31/2017 at 2:25 AM Report Blog

Construction Waste Crusher is an important part of the mill, it is the key to the milling process before the important process, first of all the material broken, and then transported by the conveyor belt to the host for grinding. Jaw crusher is the most commonly used in the international crusher, with a large crushing ratio, product grain uniformity, simple structure, easy maintenance, etc., sub-rough and fine broken two, broken material up to 320MPa. One of the large and medium-sized jaw crusher crusher industry is one of the leading products, especially in the design and production of large jaw crusher, in the country has been at the leading level.

Construction Waste Crusher high yield, low production costs, in the process of broken materials, has an unparalleled advantage. In the western development, a large number of mine rocks need to crusher crusher after its rough, to carry out the subsequent operation, which makes jaw crusher in the western development of light. With the progress of technology and development, jaw crusher is also more and more welcomed by everyone, the equipment not only in the mining market to get everyone's welcome in the construction industry has a very good application in the construction of sand production and processing Occupies an important role in the sand production line is the main equipment.

China as a developing country, the most obvious problem is the development of imbalance. China's southeastern coastal areas have developed rapidly, the economy has maintained a high level of development, while China's western region is relatively backward, therefore, the western development is an important part of China's economic development. The western region is rich in mining resources. In the process of western development, it is an indispensable link to the crushing of various mine rocks. It is also an important factor in determining the western development results. In this case, the jaw crusher is ushered The development of the spring, its market prospects are good. As a professional manufacturer of milling machine, always ready for the construction of China's economic base to provide quality services.

Jaw crusher working for the curved extrusion type, its working principle is: the motor drive belt and pulley, through the eccentric shaft to move the jaw up and down movement, when the moving jaw up when the angle between the brackets and moving jaw larger, thus To promote the jaw plate to the fixed jaw plate close to the same time the material is crushed or split, to break the purpose; when the moving jaw down, the brackets and moving jaw angle becomes smaller, moving jaw plate in the rod, the role of spring , Leaving the fixed jaw plate, at this time has been broken material from the crushing chamber discharge. With the continuous rotation of the motor and crusher jaw for cyclical movement crushing and excretion of materials, to achieve mass production.
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