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What causes the vertical mill to vibrate?
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 08/31/2017 at 2:06 AM Report Blog

Vertical grinding is very smooth when the normal operation, the vibration value of 1-2.5mm / s, but if the adjustment is not good, will cause vibration, amplitude exceeded (3.5mm / s) will alarm. Therefore, the main problem encountered during the debugging phase is vibration. The main causes of vertical grinding vibration are: a metal into the disc caused by vibration. There is no pad on the disc, the roller and the disc of the liner in direct contact to cause vibration. The main reasons for not forming the mat:
  •  (1) the amount of material. The amount of Ore Milling Equipment must be adapted to the ability of vertical grinding, when the amount of material is lower than the vertical mill production, the material layer will gradually thinner, when the material layer to a certain extent, in the tension and the role of their own weight , There will be intermittent roller directly contact the impact of the opportunity to cause vibration.
  •  (2) material hardness is low, fragile good. When the material is fragile, low hardness, high tensile strength of the case, even if there is a certain thickness of the material layer, in the moment there may be pressure caused by vibration.
  •  (3) low retaining ring. When the material is easy to wear fragile, retaining ring is low, it is difficult to ensure a smooth layer thickness, therefore, the material should be appropriate to improve the block material ring.
  •  (4) full wear vibration. Grinding material after the settlement almost buried roller, known as full grinding.

  The reasons for the overgrowth are: the amount of material is too large to increase the circulation load in the mill; the separator is too fast to increase the circulating load in the Ore Milling Equipment ; the circulation load is large, so that the amount of powder produced is too much The ability to carry gas through the grinding gas; grinding within the lack of ventilation, the system a lot of air leakage or adjustment is not appropriate.

  HLM vertical mill not only in the vibration debugging stage is very successful, the equipment also has a high grinding efficiency, low power consumption, into the material size, product fineness easy to adjust, the equipment process is simple, small footprint, low noise , Dust and small, easy to use and maintenance, low operating costs, wear-resistant materials, such as the advantages of small, is the use of mine grinding production line of high advanced grinding equipment.
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