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Bearing life
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 08/30/2017 at 1:37 AM Report Blog
Ore Milling Equipment bearing life extension of the method which? Raymond Mill grinding roller and bearing is easy to damage, the workers to replace the new bearings more trouble, but also affected the production, a waste of time, how to avoid the degree of wear, Raymond Mill manufacturers [] by summing up the following aspect:
  • 1, after the installation of Ultrafine Mill , due to the new equipment, need a run-in period, be careful to install, to avoid the stability of the installation, to avoid encountering other objects, affecting equipment performance. Replace the new bearings, it is more attention, and want to wear sets of bearings when the sleeve can not be hard to hit with a hammer, so that the bearing easily damaged, affecting the inside of the roller, vigorously percussion bearing deformation, Rolling performance is reduced, the rotation performance is further affected, and the frictional force is increased.
  • 2, some workers seriously dereliction of duty, why would this say? Workers are only concerned about the production of Raymond Mill, and not to care about the maintenance of Raymond Mill, after a long period of wear and tear, the bearing lubricants have been exhausted, the need to add new lubricants to reduce the wear between the machines, And when injected, but also to choose the right type of lubricant, the real join into, rather than simply wiped the bearings for a long time. You can let the technical staff to solve, you can also help manufacturers, through the correct way to replace the oil.
  • 3, dust hindered the bearing performance, Raymond Mill after the start, after feeding by the feeder, the material is crushed, will produce powder lift, these powder drift around, and some into the bearing gap, stick to the lubricating oil, Long run, will gradually accumulate, resulting in a layer of thick oil. If the operator does not pay attention, do not clean up these oil, causing a long time to contaminate the pollutants, and ultimately lead to damage to the bearing. So the use of the bearings to be cleaned; enhanced bearing sealing device.
  • Bearings are indispensable in mechanical equipment, mainly play a link effect, so that friction to a minimum, Raymond Mill is more lacking, the role is very large, to protect the bearing, the number of years of equipment on the corresponding increase in many The In accordance with the above manner for maintenance, long-term adherence, will get a good effect, Raymond Mill used more handy.
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