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Humic acid milling machine
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 08/10/2017 at 6:31 AM Report Blog

Humic acid processing into a new mill application development market.

What are the humic acid Ore Milling Equipment ? Humic acid to be applied to other areas, need to Raymond Mill and other milling equipment for powder processing, the fine powder on the one hand is easy to transport, on the one hand is easy to use.

Why is the humic acid processing industry now so concerned about it? Over the past two years, Zenith sold to the humic acid grinding industry, Raymond Mill equipment Tingduo, and the processing effect is very good, in order to be able to grasp this area, I applied the analysis of humic acid.

In the agricultural sector, humic acid fertilizers can improve the soil, stimulate crop growth, improve the quality of agricultural products. But also can be used as rice seedling sour agent, humic acid magnesium, humic acid zinc, humic acid urea iron in the supplement of soil magnesium deficiency, corn zinc deficiency, fruit trees on the iron has a good effect. Humic acid and herbicidal ether, atrazine and other pesticide mix, can improve the efficacy of inhibition of residual toxicity, sodium humate on the treatment of apple tree rot disease effective.

In the industrial field, sodium humate is used in ceramic mud adjustment, low pressure boiler, locomotive boiler scale, humic acid ion exchanger for the treatment of heavy metal wastewater, sulfonated humic acid sodium for cement water reducing agent, humic acid products also Used as oil drilling mud treatment agent, purified humic acid used as lead battery cathode expansion agent.

At present, the whole society is to promote the construction of ecological agriculture, pollution-free agricultural production, processing of green food, the development of pollution-free environmentally friendly products, people can say that the future of life can not be separated from humic acid, which will be a very promising development of the sunrise industry.

Among the many Ore Milling Equipment , the best equipment for processing humic acid grinding is the high pressure hanging roller mill, instantly to Zenith, we offer you the most suitable humic acid grinding process and complete sets of equipment, so that Your business dream is realized....
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