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Reduce production costs
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 08/02/2017 at 2:11 AM Report Blog

 To ensure the stability and durability of the sand making machine , the reduction of production costs is huge, both to ensure that the cone crushing equipment, high-quality operation, but also to the user a huge income! How can we do this? Here are some measures:
  • First, the Sand Making Machine lubrication also do a good job, lubricants to be added on time, half a year cleaning replacement. Seasonal lubricants will be different, to be reasonable to grasp. Lubricants can minimize the friction between the components of the cone, to ensure the stability and durability of the cone crusher, so that the value of the cone to maximize the maximum!
  • Second, in the design of the rack should be combined with the force situation and cone crusher production, the use of reasonable material, reasonable thickness, to ensure the strength of the rack. Ensure that the cone crusher can maintain a good condition for long periods of vibration and crushing operations.
  •  Third, try to reduce the phenomenon of overload or over iron, cone crusher is generally crushing equipment, not equipped with feeding machine, the top of the feed port is directly at the end of the belt machine, the reasons for the overload may be too much material within the condom Caused by this time should be decisive downtime, timely clearance. Iron has a hard object, such as iron into the cone crusher, these substances can not be broken, although the cone crusher has its own protective device, hydraulic cylinder lift, drainage mouth increased, iron can be discharged, but Damage to the cone crusher is still there. Overload and over the iron phenomenon can not be too much, should try to avoid, so to organize the plant environment, tool waste to be unified display.
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