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Topic: 'Bandits Driver Uses 100-Lap Old RR Tire to Win $2,000 at 82 Speedway
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June 17, 2019 at 08:15:57 AM
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Petty, TX (6/16/19) by DarinShort.com. The young Sprint Car Bandits series is not without its faults, yet the goals of its founders nearly four years after its inception continue to prove that its rules are helping teams to save money on consumables racing – all without diminishing the quality of racing or requiring teams to buy something added to compete in it. 

At the inception of the series nearly four years ago, one veteran DFW sprint driver commented after reading the Sprint Car Bandits series launch press release by commenting, and I quote: “This will never work. You can’t run these cars with the same two rear tires all night long. I’ll never support this series.” 

Well, not only has the Sprint Car Bandits proven that you can run the same rear tires all night long (saving drivers that support the series literally $1,000’s of dollars, each, a season), but you can be competitive while doing so. 

Last night at the ¼ mile high-banked new 82 Speedway in Petty, Texas, Will Eggimann would choose to mount a right rear tire that already had over 100 laps of Sprint Car Bandits racing on it – then logged another 33 laps of racing on that tire last night. And when the night was over, the tire proved strong enough to help the team land in victory lane and collecting $2,000. 

At this point, if this press release sounds more like a Sunday sermon, well, maybe it is. And maybe it’s time for other short track racing series to take note that maybe you can affect change and take a stab at closing the obvious economic gap that was created nearly 18 years ago. 

Everything changed for a lot of people after the events of 9/11. It was at that exact same point that it had a huge effect on short track racing – yet the industry didn’t respond to it directly, and for the most part still hasn’t. 

The key, pivotal thing that changed after 9/11 was the cost of race teams and fans traveling to events due to their cost of fuel tripling. 

That trickle-down effect has changed the sport permanently, as that change in the nightly ‘budget’ for racers and fans forced everyone to make choices – whether they are consciously aware of them, or not. Suddenly, the cost of fuel for traveling to events surpassed several other of the weekly ‘consumable’ expenses fans and teams experienced that were going to races. 

As a result, this has put an added squeeze on area tracks and their operators in the meantime, as generally smaller crowds and fields of race teams makes it nearly impossible for tracks to ‘pay more’ to help cover the racers new increased fuel budget. 

And repeating what was previously stated in this press release, that change to the ‘formula’ or budget went without any correction by the tracks or industry, and the result was a lot of fans and teams ended up not being able to afford racing’s new reality. 

What does this have to do with the Sprint Car Bandits ‘same rear tire all night long’ rule? Well, this rule forces drivers to not be able to have the option of spending more on this specific consumable, which directly reduces the budget in that area and helps to offset the added expense of fuel traveling to events: if a driver saves $200-300 in one area, it helps to cover this added fuel expense…all while not requiring the race track operator to cough up more purse money. 

This is not rocket science. It is our hope in the Sprint Car Bandits series by making occasional reference to its goals (as in the case of this press release) that maybe it will help other series and track operators out there to take action themselves to find a way to affect change in their own situation, like we have done with our group in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding area. 

After being involved in this sport and industry now 40 years in 2019, it is this writers, and SCB series co-founders hope, that those who are in a position to affect change take one moment to pause and ask themselves: what can I do to help fix a problem none of us started a long time ago, on September 11th 2001, by looking hard at their current rules and local economics that are affecting their track/and or series. Clearly, we have found a way in the Sprint Car Bandits to help bridge the gap some. It’s a step in the right direction anyway – and all without diminishing the fan experience or quality of racing. 

By no means is this a finger-pointing statement towards tire manufacturers. It’s quite the exact opposite, as it shows these are high quality tires, that can, and will, handle more racing laps with the slightest rule changes. Our series rules have proven by taking some of the downforce off the car (with our 20° maximum top wing angle rule) and by requiring certain track prep steps be taken by Series tracks, it can significantly increase the lifespan of a common consumable: a racing tire. 

Thank you in advance to those that took the time to read this press release to this point. Now, let’s resume with the racing highlights from another exciting visit to the beautiful and state-of-the-art 82 Speedway located about 15 miles west of Paris, Texas: 

82 Speedway is located on the ‘fringe’ area of the core of the DFW Metroplex area, which houses several hundred racers in a multitude of racing divisions. It is approximately 80 minutes from NE suburbs of Dallas. As with any new business, the track has experienced baby-step growth along the way, but last night the track really caught its potential stride as 94 race teams would converge on this special night featuring the Sprint Car Bandits series, along with the Open Comp Modifieds, Factory Stocks, Limited Modifieds, Eco Mods and Texas Stocks. 

The Sprint Car Bandits feature would roll out third in running order with several racing lines available to the 18-car field as they came down for the start by flagman Kevin Fry. At the last SCB event at 82 Speedway in May, Minnesota transplant Will Eggimann would find the top line around the wide expanses of ’82 to his liking, coming from his 10th place starting spot to take an eventual win. Eggimann would again choose the high line to establish the early feature lead. With two- and three-wide racing throughout the pack taking place, 11th place starter Casey Burkham would continue his strong string of 82 Speedway SCB performances by picking off car after car. 
In the meantime, several great battles near the front of the pack would ensue with drivers such as Colby Estes, Scott Evans, Chad Wilson and Michael Day. Later in the event, with Eggimann still ripping the high line of the smooth, slick surface, Burkham would emerge through the pack in second place. 

A caution flag waved on lap 17 (of 25), with the final eight rounds going caution-free with Eggimann pulling away to a sizable margin at the checkers, collecting his second 82 Speedway SCB win in a row, along with $2,000 – of which I would venture to guess he will use to purchase some fresh Hoosier Racing Tire rubber for the next Series event, which will be held this coming Saturday, June 22nd at 105 Speedway near Cleveland Texas. 

This event also ended the second ‘Smiley’s Racing 4-Pack Bonus’ of the season for SCB Fierce 15 drivers that completed in the past four Series events. Each of those drivers will collect an added bonus of $100 simply for being a part of our driver rewards program and by supporting the Series events. The www.KoolTrikes.com heat races were won by Series rookie Cody Freeman, 2018 SCB series champion Colby Estes and Will Eggimann. 

The largest crowd in the short history of the new 82 Speedway witnessed the event during a hot early summer night. Track owner Tracy Peters would help keep multiple racing lines available to the sprint teams throughout the event by conducting track prep when the track needed it, which led to another night of great racing. 

Thank you once again to the race teams and fans that continue to support the Series this season. We know that race teams, tracks, sponsors and fans have choices and we’re excited of where we are collectively, as Season 4 of the Sprint Car Bandits series rolls on. 

Here are the feature results from 82 Speedway in Petty Texas from the June 15th Sprint Car Bandits series event. Click www.82Speedway.com for full results from the track divisions.

A-feature 25 laps: 

77w – Will Eggimann (top qualifier) 
45b – Casey Burkham (started 11th) 
2 – Michael Day (started 6th) 
71 – Colby Estes (started 2nd) 
47 – Chipper Wood (started 10th) 
74e – Claud Estes III (started 7th) 
12w – Dale Wester (started 9th) 
99b – Blake Mallory (started 13th) 
9tx – Brad Wesp (started 12th) 
2h – Tommy Hall (started 17th) 
02 – Cody Freeman (started 4th) 
20 – Chad Wilson (started 17th) 
118 – Scott Evans (started 3rd) 
74 – DJ Estes (started 8th) 
23 – Junior Jenkins (started 5th) 
41m – Steve McMackin (started 14th) 
72 – Daniel Estes (started 18th) 
55 – Brad Queen (DNS) 

Again, next up is a big $2,000 to win and $300 to start SCB series event on Saturday June 22nd at 105 Speedway near Cleveland Texas, we hope to see you all there! In the meantime, click www.SprintCarBandits.com for the latest in Series news! 

Here are pics of the RR tire that has over 133 laps of racing on it after the feature event last night: 

June 17, 2019 at 08:17:49 AM
Joined: 09/15/2005
Posts: 4560

June 17, 2019 at 08:18:32 AM
Joined: 09/15/2005
Posts: 4560

June 17, 2019 at 08:20:56 AM
Joined: 09/15/2005
Posts: 4560

note: this forum isn't letting me post pics within the body of the original post, like it used to do - or I get error messages. But I've found that if I post them as replies it seems to work... :)

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