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Topic: I get cheap Madden 20 coins has room for improvement Email this topic to a friend | Subscribe to this TopicReport this Topic to Moderator
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May 08, 2020 at 12:17:31 AM
Joined: 05/08/2020
Posts: 3

It is only a bug with Mut 20 coins ball physics not intentional. As another man above said, Madden just really is lacking with animations variety, but again, synergizing that lots of animations isn't an easy job, so even when they did this, bugs and inconsistencies would probably run even more rampant. Although with financing Madden names get, it is still pretty weak excuse tbh, they definitely could do a LOT better. 

Will see I guess, sim licence gets open in 21 and 2k currently puts foot in NFL videogames, so there's some expectation, that 2k will bring something unique to the table, or EA will be compelled to up their game to maintain rivalry and market up.

What the community needs EA to fix/add the most to

I'd like to understand who that 5.2% is and smack each of them. Why in the world would anybody think MUT desires improvement over gameplay? I mean, it would be wonderful to know that if I began MUT halfway into year I would not be paired from an 85 ovr team when mines below 75. Main reason I do not play with it. Better yet, have a pro and a casual MUT choice. Go into casual variant and you can use no buying and coins.

 From anything you earned, teams would be. Or create a team at which it is exactly what it currently is. Anything won't xfer to casual, although your casual team will transfer to side that is expert. Idk, not ever been a MUT individual before but seems that in the event that you do not begin and keep consistent from release of sport, your staff will not amount to anything.

Imo, MUT is some thing that I did when it first came out afterward never did because it has gone the next calendar year, not like a free package. I get cheap Madden 20 coins has room for improvement I agree with everything you said (non earning casual MUT won't ever happen tho, actually ), but when I am being real, I prefer MUT was just gone as it's caused everything else to get discounted.

November 26, 2021 at 10:28:04 AM
Joined: 11/26/2021
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