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Topic: Green Sweeps NCRA Modified Weekend, Claims 81 Speedway Laurels! Email this topic to a friend | Subscribe to this TopicReport this Topic to Moderator
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David Smith Jr
September 03, 2017 at 04:35:00 AM
Joined: 11/20/2004
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Green Sweeps NCRA Modified Weekend, Claims 81 Speedway Laurels!


Park City, Kansas – September 2, 2017 - Fresh off his series victory one night earlier in Salina, Kansas, defending series champion Scott Green doubled-up on this Labor Day holiday weekend as the National Championship Racing Association stopped at 81 Speedway in Park City on Saturday night with Green taking the victory.

Josh Lanterman and Marlin Farr started on the front row for the twenty-lap feature with Lanterman taking the lead as the green flag fell. Ryan McAninch, Farr, Cecil Dymond seventh-starting Green were the top five with Lanterman opening a three-car length lead by lap three.

The lead pack stayed that way until the first of two caution flags fell on lap ten when Jason McGehee was forced into the front stretch wall to bring out the caution.

The attempted restart wasn’t kind to Tyler Davis as he and another car made contact on the front stretch with the former series champion getting the worst end of the wreck and would have to retire pit side.  

On the restart, Green would get a run down low entering turns one and two and would pull in front of Lanterman heading down the backstretch to take the lead on lap eleven.

Green had opened a full straightaway lead with six laps to go while behind him, “B” feature winner Brian Franz and McAninch battled side by side for the runner up position.

The caution would wave one final time when Lanterman brought out the lap sixteen caution as he stopped at the top of turn two with a flat tire.

But Green would be up to the challenge on the final restart and he would go the final four laps unchallenged to claim his second feature victory of the season by a full straightaway over McAninch.

Former two-time series champion and current points leader Dan Powers had a struggling night come to a positive end. Powers lost a motor in his heat race causing him to start eighteenth in the ten-lap “B” feature. He would work his way up to a fourth-place finish, which put him starting fourteenth in the feature finale. Powers would pass Franz for third with two laps remaining to finish third while leading rookie of the year contender Jon Herring, Jr. rounded out the top five.

The four, eight lap heat races for the thirty-car field were won by McGehee, Farr, Dymond and Herring.

The NCRA Modified division will be back in action on Saturday night, September 9, as they make their first and only appearance of the season at Thunder Hill Speedway in Mayetta.

NCRA Modifieds

81 Speedway/Park City, Kansas

September 2, 2017

30 Cars

1st Heat (8Laps): 1) 5*-Jason McGehee, [1]; 2) 25-Scott Green, [3]; 3) 65-Tyler Davis, [2]; 4) 19B-Nic Baalman, [5]; 5) 01X-Beau Davis, [4]; 6) 17Jake Schroeder, [6]; 7) 711-Brock Lane, [7]; 8) 93B-Brandon Massey, [8]

2nd Heat (8 Laps): 1) 29-Marlin Farr, [2]; 2) 4A-Josh Lanterman, [6]; 3) 11-Erick Chesterman, [3]; 4) 84-Gary Kilbourn, [8]; 5) 86-Brian Franz, [7]; 6) 7CJ-Chris Eveland, [4]; 7) 9D-Dean Brungardt, [5]; 8) 99T-T.J. Tolan, [1]

3rd Heat (8 Laps): 1) 69-Cecil Dymond, [1]; 2) 21C-Cody Schniepp, [3]; 3) 191-Travis Govern, [5]; 4) 22N-Greg Stephens, [2]; 5) 71-Patrick McManus, [4]; 6) 2K-Kendall Kemp, [7]; 7) 3J-Jake Nightingale, [6]

4th Heat (8 Laps): 1) 96JR-Jon Herring Jr., [1]; 2) 52-Ryan McAninch, [4]; 3) 2-Joe Cleveland, [3]; 4) 24-Corey Lagroon, [6]; 5) 21B-Bryce Schniepp, [7]; 6) 164-James Weve, [2]; 7) 4-Dan Powers, [5]

B Feature (10 Laps): 1) 86-Brian Franz, [5]; 2) 01X-Beau Davis, [9]; 3) 65-Tyler Davis, [3]; 4) 4-Dan Powers, [18]; 5) 84-Gary Kilbourn, [7]; 6) 2-Joe Cleveland, [2]; 7) 3J-Jake Nightingale, [16]; 8) 19B-Nic Baalman, [4]; 9) 2K-Kendall Kemp, [11]; 10) 93B-Brandon Massey, [19]; 11) 9D-Dean Brungardt, [17]; 12) 11-Erick Chesterman, [1]; 13) 71-Patrick McManus, [10]; 14) 711-Brock Lane, [15]; 15) 7CJ-Chris Eveland, [13]; 16) 164-James Weve, [14]; 17) 21B-Bryce Schniepp, [6]; 18) 22N-Greg Stephens, [8]; 19) 17-Jake Schroeder, [12]; (DNS) 99T-T.J. Tolan

A Feature (20 Laps): 1) 25-Scott Green, [7]; 2) 52-Ryan McAninch, [3]; 3) 4-Dan Powers, [14]; 4) 86-Brian Franz, [11]; 5) 96JR-Jon Herring Jr., [6]; 6) 01X-Beau Davis, [12]; 7) 69-Cecil Dymond, [5]; 8) 24-Corey Lagroon, [10]; 9) 2-Joe Cleveland, [16]; 10) 21C-Cody Schniepp, [8]; 11) 19B-Nic Baalman, [18]; 12) 191-Travis Govern, [9]; 13) 29-Marlin Farr, [2]; 14) 93B-Brandon Massey, [20]; 15) 4A-Josh Lanterman, [1]; 16) 3J-Jake Nightingale, [17]; 17) 2K-Kendall Kemp, [19]; 18) 84-Gary Kilbourn, [15]; 19) 65-Tyler Davis, [13]; 20) 5*-Jason McGehee, [4]

Lap Leaders: Lanterman 1-10; Green 11-20

David Smith Jr.

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