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Architectural coatings enhance competitiveness
Blog Submitted by yoyocrusher on 08/21/2017 at 4:11 AM Report Blog
At present, China's architectural coatings production and processing enterprises in general overcapacity, recipe technology innovation and innovation ability is relatively backward, leading to architectural coatings industry product formulation technology similar, product quality varies greatly, the lack of strong market, strong decorative professional products and professional Enterprise brand, most of the paint production enterprise product system, integrated sense of weak, fierce market competition, leading to China's enterprises are gradually entering the era of low-profit, architectural coatings brand is also subtle shuffle among them. China's future development of Raymond Mill need to produce large-scale production capacity, product technology, quality and stability, product functionality, strong decorative, durable, environmentally friendly energy-saving professional automation of paint production enterprises, the brand's regional characteristics will also be Will be more and more obvious, the architectural coatings of the branding process will speed, product channel characteristics will become more and more obvious, the next five years, China's architectural coatings industry will emerge more real stone paint brand, texture paint brand, Engineering paint brand, etc., because the market demand to create the industry's development trend. Architectural coatings market opportunities and risks coexist, good at innovation, good at change, good at discovering, good at integrating the industry resources of the coating enterprises will be in the follow-up market competition come to the fore, who is good at the integration of industry resources, who will be the strongest competitive advantage , The development of enterprises will be more robust. Architectural coatings to increase their own quality and competitiveness, the basis of the source is the quality of powder and fineness. To meet the fineness requirements of powder production, drawing on advanced technology at home and abroad, in the HLM vertical mill on the basis of the development of China's non-metallic mineral development requirements of large-scale high-fine vertical milling equipment - HDM series Fine vertical mill. The mill can be achieved on the architectural coating powder "Seiko secret agents", and efficient high yield, environmental protection and energy saving. So will be conducive to the paint powder industry to improve competitiveness, the paint powder industry has a positive long-term development
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